How many products can you make with avocados?
We’re on a quest to find out.
Growing up in Northern Mexico until he was 19, founder and CEO of AvoProducts Ruben Valdez came to Texas in 1968 with a goal to give more to his family, and knew he would have to work very hard to make that happen.

With a dream in his pocket and a growing family to provide for, Ruben held various jobs, working hard and keeping his eye on the prize of owning his own business, specifically a restaurant, one day. Over time, Ruben began to see financial and professional success and saved enough money to finally open that restaurant.
The Valdez family: Ruben Jr., Ruben Valez Sr. & Marcelo
Finding oil
His oldest son, Ruben, following in the hardworking, passionate footsteps of his father, saw a need for a relatively unknown product at the time, avocado oil. In fact, he was so passionate about it that he purchased some bulk avocado oil and bottles to start hand packing it at home.

He quickly discovered there was strong demand for an Extra Virgin version of the avocado oil and in time found a promising producer in Mexico who exported top quality avocado oil to France. They became partners and distributors of AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil in the U.S. in 2014 – a venture that turned into a fruitful partnership.

Now the company has not two, but three Valdez family members committed to bringing customers the highest quality avocado oil you can find on the market.
“Every AVORÉ product is nature’s gift to your skin. ”
The Valdez family’s passion for AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil did not stop there. Marcelo, the youngest son, thought because of the purity of avocado oil, it just made sense for the family to create more avocado oil-related products that were natural, pure and perfect. As a result of the countless studies and research about the numerous benefits of avocado oil for the skin, they realized there is a great need for premium avocado oil-based products in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

From there, Marcelo led the family on a journey to create the highest quality beauty products using AVOCARE Extra Virgin Avocado Oil in every product. Thus, AVORÉ was born. Every AVORÉ product is nature’s gift to your skin.